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I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I made sure to reread the whole thread to makes sure that I wasn't getting the wrong idea on recent posts. It just seems that your overall tone changed drastically from the first couple pages to the most recent posts. I am sorry to hear about your knee injury, that has be frustrating.

I think the majority of the confusion derived from all the different terms that are going to be used. Essentially there are four kits from what I can gather.
-R&T (official Ohlins Kit)
-Raceline (PSI kit)
-Whatever you are having developed (official Ohlins kit, R&T< 1M Kit < TTX, it would appear)
-Then the TTX damper kits which are either from PSI or Ohlins (or used in some R&T kits for the Porsche, etc).

I can see how you could take HP's comment (#20) the wrong way, but I believe the intention was offering a suggestion for those who wanted to run some of the best coilovers, Ohlins, but did not want to wait for the kit to be finished. I mean that comment was all the way back in January and it is now almost July. I don't see anything wrong with #34, he/HP seemed to be praising Ohlins. #40, I don't know, I would imagine he spoke with someone whether it was PSI or Ohlins, who knows. I can also see how you could say HP added to confusion, but this whole thread has been one big confusion because you/Ohlins weren't clear on what was actually being developed until page 3 or 4 when Beau told you what was being made.

That's just my two cents. I just thought I should point this out because up until page 5, this was a great thread.