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Originally Posted by 1M COUPE BEAMERS View Post
My one maxed out about 265 km/h with a speed limiter on, but what I really want to know is whats the actual top speed of the 1M without a speed limiter.

A stock 1M w/o the speed limiter is probably gonna be around 270ish kph.

A "tuned" 1M is gonna be around 290 kph, just like a tuned 135i.

I have heard a "tuned 135i" can see 295ish kph. The fastest I have seen on my 135i is 283 kph. A "tuned 335i can do 300ish kph. One guy I know has seen 312 kph.

Over here in Germany, there are companies that will unlock the V-max (speed limiter) but your gonna pay upwards of 1K euros for just the unlocked V-max. And its not that much more for "chip tuning" so most people just go that route. I think it will be darn hard to find a 1M owner over here who only has his V-max unlocked. Most will just pony up the extra money for a flash tune.