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Originally Posted by bimmer ///man View Post
I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I made sure to reread the whole thread to makes sure that I wasn't getting the wrong idea on recent posts. It just seems that your overall tone changed drastically from the first couple pages to the most recent posts. I am sorry to hear about your knee injury, that has be frustrating.

I think the majority of the confusion derived from all the different terms that are going to be used. Essentially there are four kits from what I can gather.
-R&T (official Ohlins Kit)
-Raceline (PSI kit)
-Whatever you are having developed (official Ohlins kit, R&T< 1M Kit < TTX, it would appear)
-Then the TTX damper kits which are either from PSI or Ohlins (or used in some R&T kits for the Porsche, etc).

I can see how you could take HP's comment (#20) the wrong way, but I believe the intention was offering a suggestion for those who wanted to run some of the best coilovers, Ohlins, but did not want to wait for the kit to be finished. I mean that comment was all the way back in January and it is now almost July. I don't see anything wrong with #34, he/HP seemed to be praising Ohlins. #40, I don't know, I would imagine he spoke with someone whether it was PSI or Ohlins, who knows. I can also see how you could say HP added to confusion, but this whole thread has been one big confusion because you/Ohlins weren't clear on what was actually being developed until page 3 or 4 when Beau told you what was being made.

That's just my two cents. I just thought I should point this out because up until page 5, this was a great thread.
i agree, page 5 completely changed, and now i wish i hadn't started the thread so early. i was just excited, and i didn't realize that other things would come into play and ultimately push development back this far; it was hard to foresee. i also apologize for the change in tone, but HPA really started to get under my skin with the latest set of posts; focusing on ground control camber plates vs. others that he happened to have "in stock and ready to ship" (you may not have realized that these got deleted by the mods because it was so blatant), assuming that the camber plates would have caused the klunking sound that i mentioned (#98 - wrong...i never mentioned camber plates causing this) and assuming that the GC plates resulted in a drop (#96)? i would have assumed that HPA would have realized at this point that a RHA kit was being used....

so let's refocus, and stay on track (no pun intended). i would like to put this tone and confusion behind us and move on. i'll have more for you very soon.