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Originally Posted by v1k0d3n View Post
i agree, page 5 completely changed, and now i wish i hadn't started the thread so early. i was just excited, and i didn't realize that other things would come into play and ultimately push development back this far; it was hard to foresee. i also apologize for the change in tone, but HPA really started to get under my skin with the latest set of posts; focusing on ground control camber plates vs. others that he happened to have "in stock and ready to ship" (you may not have realized that these got deleted by the mods because it was so blatant), assuming that the camber plates would have caused the klunking sound that i mentioned (#98 - wrong...i never mentioned camber plates causing this) and assuming that the GC plates resulted in a drop (#96)? i would have assumed that HPA would have realized at this point that a RHA kit was being used....

so let's refocus, and stay on track (no pun intended). i would like to put this tone and confusion behind us and move on. i'll have more for you very soon.
Let's get everything in the open so there is no confusion.

What could be the cause of the "klunk"? I am sure Ohlins has an answer, otherwise they wouldn't know what parts/springs to order to fix it. If RHA means rear/ride height adjuster, Ohlins has a very good one and is already in their parts bin, there is no need to outsource.