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Originally Posted by ballski View Post
wheels are dope, exhaust is poorly executed. It's a decent idea, but just doesn't 'fit' with the rear and diffuser imo, but to each their own. Still love the wheels
here we go again..

The exhaust was not welded in my driveway, a little place called CFT designed it

and for everyone else that is worried about how close my diffuser doesn't sit to the exhaust, I can not put it any closer b/c sometimes when I get on it flames come out and will melt the diffuser. (this happened in my evo)

this was designed with minimal bends hence the angle, the resonator and can was added later b/c I was getting pulled over to much. the piping that im running does not have many options b/c it is quite large. I sourced this muffler from a supra guy b/c my options are diesel truck or supra parts I oppted for supra.

as for the peanut gallery...The day you guys pioneer a 3.5" exhaust and do not want to pay 2k for HPF you'll understand.

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