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Originally Posted by 135junky View Post
Today is the last day they told me, got 2 cases. Dackelone is there a big difference or why would you spend 25€ for a liter?

I prefer the German Castrol Edge FST (formerly RS Edge) oil for my 135i. Mainly because on cold starts the engine is sooo much quieter, and there is less metallic sounds. Also with the G.C. my oil temps are two or three needle widths cooler. Like when we were on the Stelvio Tour... the hottest my oil temps go up to was 250' F, just at the half way point on the gauge. Normally my oil temp reads about two needle widths lower than that - like when I am driving fast on the autobahn.

I do use Mobil-1 0w40 european formula (bmw LL-1) in my (older) e39 535i v8. But for my 135i I only like to use the German Castrol bc the engine just seems to run better with it. I think there is a lot of tech to motor oils... and like Castrol says... its liquid engineering!

You can also find the oil that BMW Zentrums sell for 23+ euros for sale for as little as 8 euros per liter online. is one such place...

BMW Qualitiy Longlife-04 0W-40... (2nd picture, down)

Castrol EDGE FST 0W-40 A3/B4 Motoröl (LL4) (ie German Castrol) for 11 euros per liter