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Originally Posted by SSSnakeman View Post
That makes sense then since you are going to trade-in the Z. I Would recommend comfort access. It wasn't something I cared about but I'm really glad I ended up with. Nav is cool but I had the same opinion as you and could probably live without it. It is almost worth it for the ipod integration alone though. I might recommend talking to a rep at your local dealer. My friend is a sales rep and he said he could get a car sent from another dealer if I wanted it. They might be helpful. I didn't go through him though because I could get a better private deal.
And yes I believe they are covered to 100k.
yes my Z has the equilivent of comfort access. My key fob doesnt ever leave my lanyard. I dont mind having to plug the thing in I guess but it is nice just getting in an pushing the start button....
can comfort access but installed aftermarket??
and as long as the car has bluetooth hands free. i love that feature on the Z too much to give up....

and any comments regarding that Dinan stage 2 car would be helpful. The guy seems eager to make a deal on the car.....the link for the car in posted above.
can i keep the stage 2 and simply add other mods like DCI and downpipe, maybe FMIC (this is as far as i will meth for me) or should i just have someone wipe the tune and get a cobb or JB4 and do it myself.
As i understand the dinan tune stays with the VIN so I could resell it with that as a bonus??