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So I got my Evolve tune back yesterday and programmed it as soon as I could....the process took about 15 minutes which were a bit tense because during the process I got a few error messages on the display like "DSC fail" and "Tire pressure monitor failure", and I heard a sort of blowing sound from under the car, but the programming was completed and everything got sorted out. Is this the same with everyone that tuned their car?
The tune itself feels amazing! A loot more responsive, incredible push through the range and it's scary fast!!! I haven't felt such an adrenaline rush since I first bought my 1M last just puts a smile on your face!
The only problem I have is that right after I finished loading the tune and I turned on my car, I got a "Service due" message and it said I'm 9000 kms past due. Currently I have about 9500 kms on my car and I just had the oil changed less than a month ago at about 9000 kms. The message said: Engine Oil change overdue! Please arrange an appointment with Service urgently." I wanted to know if anyone else got a problem like this and if this message can be removed using the evolve cable and software!
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