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Originally Posted by E82M View Post
I now put on about 7500km on my 1M and I started noticing clutch chatter when the clutch pedal is not pressed down.
The chatter noise is only noticeable when windows are up and no music playing in the car.
I have been driving manual cars for about 7 years now and I am well aware of the factors that stresses the clutch.
Does anyone else experience the same problem and does anyone know a solution to this problem?
Possibly warranty with BMW?

I apologize if this is a repost of same topic, but I could not find it by searching on 1M section.
Just make sure it is a flywheel noise and not something else.

Is it worse with the AC on? What does it sound like, a bunch of loose screws and nuts in side the transmission?

If noise is excessive, perhaps the spring mechnism is wornout, which requires the complete flywheel to be replaced.