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30FF and the Terrible Possibilities

So I've been through every flavor of fuel pump, some vanos nonsense, and a phantom 30FF at the end of my warranty. Car was in several times for it and the explanation was..."we must have missed a hose when we were working on the car".

Every time the car was in, i complained about the fact that my car sounded like a coke can full of nickels on deceleration. " we can't do anything for you " was the typical response.

So I'm coming up on 70k and the light pops up again WOT at 2000-2500 in 4th (the magic combination to hear that angelic chime and see the yellow engine symbol) in my completely stock 135. Car goes in today and low and behold...30FF and they needed more a few hundred more to fully diagnose (differentiate between turbo issue or Waste-gate actuator issue).

Anyone known how easy it is to determine which is the root?

I pulled the car back so that i could weigh options here as the fix could be very tall dollars. I heard from the SA that if the problem were a turbo, it would be replaced under warranty as it is an emissions control device and covered to it were waste-gate actuator, the labor and parts would be on me. Labor is the lion's share of the job and I'd just assume have both fixed as its a KNOWN DEFECT on these cars.

Anyone have a similar instance on stock car around 70k? With 70k of highway miles (I'll admit sometimes spirited miles) its tough to swallow this kind of failure, especially after 4 fuel pumps, knowing that there is another turbo and waste-gate actuator in there.

So obviously she has to go back in to be fully diagnosed...but i wanted to know if anyone else had been in similar situations and what BMW did to address?

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