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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
I have raced with Ast and had it on my track car and i am not a big fan of it. It doesn t inspire me that a company like Ast owns moton. I have raced with moton a lot it was a great shock when the company was on their own. But after it went bankrupt and got sold to AST we changed to JRZ and with big succes.

We use JRZ triple adjustment shocks on the race BMW GT4 and i use JRZ RS1 on my 1M coupe trackday car.

I hope moton stays moton within Ast but i also heard rumors that they are putting ast internals in moton shocks. Lets hope not!

Everybody has their favourite but for me it's JRZ and the moton bevor bankrupsy. Moton and JRZ were in the base setup almost the same.

I wish ast/moton all the best and hope they can keep the moton quality alive.
This is a thread is about Moton, not for you to bash AST, that is another thread if you would like to start one. I would like to hear what you have to say about AST.

I wish you took the time to read the post, Moton is still Moton, and not a company within AST. If you are worried that AST internals will end up in Moton, you can be at ease, the internals are not interchangeable between AST and Moton even though they may share the DDP technology, they are distinctly differernt products. The new Moton has a long overdue uprades to the internals as well.

I see you are a fan of JRZ, that is a great product as well. Now, you have a good baseline with JRZ, try the new Moton and have a legitimate comparison.