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Originally Posted by Marvelousone View Post

Dackel - I totally forgot to mention that BMW did swap left and right tires, and noticed the pull changed to the right side instead of the left. Thatís why they said itís most likely the left front tire. Now of course it could be (and would suck) the front right tire instead...

How much tire thread does you other old tire have? The one on the right front now.

I would be tempted to buy another new tire for the front - to replace the old one.

Maybe your tire dealer can work with you... Tell them you will buy another new tire ONLY if the pull goes away. You can offer to pay for the costs of mounting and balancing though - if it doesn't workout. You want two new tires on the front end to fugue out the pulling issue.

One other thing... while driving on a straight uncrowned road... when you go WOT or let off the throttle... does the pulling change?