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The dog days of summer are here. In the auto enthusiast world, this means its time to check coolant levels, tire pressures, hoses, belts, A/C…the list goes on. Love your car and it’ll love you back. Summertime brings us closer to our cars and our cars set the structure for many of our fondest memories. The long cruises on the backroads with friends, the treks to the beach with family, track days at Summit Point and how about gathering with friends – old and new – at Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee? All great times. Our cars and trucks make it all happen. Its not hard to understand why they’re our common bond…our common passion.

Getting down to this Saturday, expect temperatures in the mid-70’s with partly cloudy skies. As with any summer day, there’s a shot for thunderstorms in the afternoon so get your baby under cover if that’s the custom. Thankfully, the morning projects to be dry.

Today, Friday, July 13 is National Collector Car Appreciation Day. According to SEMA, the date intends to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. SEMA and its councils are again working to secure a congressional resolution to recognize the day’s significance. The industry endeavors to preserve our nation’s automotive heritage while providing well-paying, high-skilled jobs nationwide. Collector Car Appreciation Day is a singular tribute to the collector car industry and the millions of hobbyists it supports.

Administrative Notes…

Parking will remain on the north end of the former Best Buy parking lot. Simply look for the cones. On your way to Hunt Valley, please respect local speed limits and traffic laws. While on Hunt Valley Towne Centre grounds, please drive at a safe speed and respect all rights of way. Its about respect for everyone on the grounds during our 2-hour time span. Also, please understand that sales promotion that is not related to the businesses of Hunt Valley Towne Centre is prohibited on the grounds.

You’ll notice the construction site that is adjacent to our meeting area’s southern border. Joe’s Crab Shack will be moving there later this year and as of this message, much of the framing is in place. Locally, you’ll find Joe’s Crab Shack locations in Greenbelt and Gaithersburg. The word has been very positive about Joe’s products and service and so many are looking forward to Hunt Valley Towne Centre’s upcoming addition.

Website Notes…

With so many beautiful automobiles appearing at our gatherings, its natural that photographers will want to capture their beauty. To date, 15 photographers have registered and have shared photos on our Flickr page. No membership is required to view… Right now, there are 671 photos in our ever-expanding collection. If you’re a photographer, simply request a group invite and begin uploading your photos!

If you are a Facebook user, check the following link and request an invite … 373 members have joined our Facebook Group Page and the member list grows every week. Pretty amazing. Our family’s internet presence is getting so big that we may need to talk to the zoning commission.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, all information on the following link is viewable without membership ... As of the release of this message, over 610 Facebook users have expressed interest on this page. This is where the action all started…where we discovered that the region’s automobile enthusiast community had strong support for a weekly gathering. Now it’s the first stop for our non-Facebook users to get the latest information.

Closing Notes…

Spread the word about Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee! Bring your auto enthusiast friends, significant others, pets, and of course your cars. We all hope to see you there!


Rich "Will" Williams

Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee
Hunt Valley Towne Centre
118 Shawan Road
Sparks, MD