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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
It is normal and also desirable that an experienced Forum member like Advevo shares his insight, positive or negative in any thread. There is a vendors sub forum to avoid this kind of unnecessary dialogue, if this is just to promote a commercial product. Please don't forget that here is a sub forum that anyone can talk freely about the posted idea/concept or product. And if he was unfair about this particular product, I am confident that somebody else would pop in and give his counter arguement against his. So, please just tell us your own points, facts etc. and leave the rest to readers.
To be fair, one customer's single experience might not reflect the entire line-up of a company's products over their entire span of existence. Harold was right in pointing out that there have been substantial changes to the AST product line over time.

Six years ago when Vorshlag brought AST to the US shores we had the factory make significant changes to their existing lineup of Sportline I and II shocks and helped create the 4100, 4200, and 5100 line of AST coilover dampers. Since then all of those models have been changed significantly or replaced entirely, and many iterations of components have been introduced into each. Instead of sticking with the same stagnant design for 30 years, AST has been constantly evolving and improving their shocks.

AST is also the shock supplier to the GRAND AM series (ST and GS), World Challenge racer, and many other pro and club race teams. They wouldn't be on these cars if they didn't make a great damper. Similarly Moton is on many racer cars the world over, and is also evolving and improving every year.

Gross online generalizations of "this shock sucks" should be countered with more facts and history by vendors and users alike. Harold was well within his rights to give his side of the story. That's the beauty of the internet - lots of input.


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