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Originally Posted by TUNEDM3 View Post
Not sure what ast has in store for operating under the moton label, but the old moton is now motion control systems. If all motons engineers are now operating under motion control systems how is moton operating as a separate function of ast?
Actually, MCS used to be the Moton Distrubutor for the US. Moton is still Moton in Holland and they still have their engineers and manufacturing capability they always had. And even though Moton-Holland is owned by Smits Machine (aka AST Suspension) they are still separate from AST.

AST-USA is the distributor of AST and Moton products. Because they have access to US market cars that the Dutch don't have access to, they do some of the design work to make fitments for US cars. They also have the Dutch modify fitments to work with US style driving - lots of smooth highways and some competition. So many of the US versions of their products ride lower and have stiffer spring rates than the Euro versions.

AST-USA and Moton-USA isn't just a distributor though. They DO get their hands dirty. They modify and service dampers for a LOT of race teams and rebuild them for street users. Due to our relationship with them, we (Vorshlag) do some fabrication and metal repairs for them when needed.
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