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Thumbs up Another thumbs-up for United BMW

Just a short review. I broke off an annoying MAP sensor while installing my oil catch can, and my car obviously couldn't run without it. I contacted Dan that day around 4 PM, asking him about it. He tried his best to help me identify it, despite my crappy description of where it is, but I ended up finding the part numbers on around 4:25. With 5 minutes to spare until the cutoff time for overnight shipping the parts from BMW, Dan called the order in and I paid through PayPal. The plan was to have the part overnighted to Dan, and then have Dan overnight the part to me so I could get it ASAP. Well, nothing goes as planned, and the day I was supposed to receive it I didn't get it with my regular mail.

I called up United BMW to learn that Dan was off that day. In this respect, I don't blame him at all. A job is a job, and being off is being off. I don't expect anyone to worry about my personal car issues, especially on a day off. I spoke to Stephen Maguire, who was very prompt with his investigation of why I didn't get the part. Apparently, the O-ring associated with the part (which I requested as well) didn't arrive in time and there was some mixup with the shipping. Not Dan or Steve's faults at all. Steve had the part overnighted to me and I got the part only a day late, which is to say I got it within 3 days of ordering it. 3 days to receive a part that wasn't in stock at United and had to be shipped from BMW. Not bad at all.

Thank you Steve and Dan. Thanks to you guys, I got my car back up and running very quickly. And as it turns out, that O-ring wasn't even necessary. It was already on the part, but the part number I found was a replacement for the one that's already there.

Awesome service, and awesome that Dan dealt with my semi-panicked PMs as the only thing running through my head was "oh crap oh crap I messed up the car and I can't run it!"


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