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Just had my stage 1 1M dyno tuned by Cobb...

Hi guys,

I just had my 1M dyno tuned by Cobb Plano. They did had one of their staff come up from Austin to do the tune. Their facility and staff are first rate and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in Texas who needs a tune.

My goal in modifying my 1M was simply to correct BMW's aesthetic issues (the exterior chrome bits had to go) and design shortcomings (sub-par FMIC for +90 degree days, use of 4 cats, etc.). Since this car stretches my budget enough as it is, I also tried to keep within a reasonable cost-benefit ratio (i.e., no permanent or risky changes to the car and is also easy to install/remove/resell).

Given than I'm not trying to set any new records and my car will, sadly, never see a drag strip or road course, I asked Cobb to keep my tune conservative.

Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the car's performance and the grouping of mods that I chose. Cobb mentioned that the only other mod to consider would be to replace the factory downpipe and retune the car to add 30-40 horsepower with my setup. Very tempting but I'd probably be looking at $2k total for a catted downpipe, installation, and a retune ... which puts this out of my budget for now. After driving the 1M, it was immediately noticeable that the tune had smoothed out the powerband and improved top end performance.

To those of you who still have a stock car, you should really really consider replacing the midpipe with an N55 midpipe (catless) or equivilient. This is a very easy and inexpensive mod that completely gets rid of that annoying 60-65 mph highway drone. It looks OEM and improves throttle response. HIGHLY recommended. I live in the south and my car seemed really susceptible to heat soak... After upgrading the FMIC, performance was stronger and much more consistent. I now understand why the BMW development team was disappointed that they didn't have enough of a budget to redesign the factory intercooler which is clearly sub-par in warm climates.

Enough of my rambling ... below are my mods and dyno chart:

322 RWHP / 450 RTQ / 18.5 PSI
Cobb Stage 1 93 Oct Tune (Off the Shelf v.3.01)

353 RWHP / 458 RTQ / 19.5 PSI
Cobb Stage 1 93 Oct Tune (Custom-tuned)

Cobb Accessport
Black side markers
Black front kidney grills
Forge DVs
ER Charge Pipe
5" ETS FMIC (did not want to do any trimming)
ETS FMIC hard piping
BMW N55 Midpipe (for OEM appearance)
aFe Stage 2 intake
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