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Originally Posted by RaptorKTM View Post
If im honest, how do we know that the gains your achieved are any good if you dont know where you started, for all I know the car only gained 20whp. Not saying that to be the case but in a custom tune I dont understand how you cant have a baseline.
He did provide a baseline. The baseline was the COBB OTS map vs. the custom tuned map that was tuned for mild gains specific to his car and would still be pretty conservative.

Regardless of how much power he gained from a bone stock car, the dyno chart shows a GREAT "overall'' through the entire RPM range increase and shows just how much room there really is left in a custom file over the OTS map, especially from COBB.

The OP is just sharing his graph and we have to just take it for what it is. He mentioned it is a daily driver and will never see a track anytime soon, if at all. He dosnt want to go crazy and only wanted a little more power over what he had.

OP, thanks for sharing this graph and info for our community and thanks to COBB for providing tuning options and giving you a nce custom map that you are happy with. Me next!