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Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post

Regardless of how much power he gained from a bone stock car, the dyno chart shows a GREAT "overall'' through the entire RPM range increase and shows just how much room there really is left in a custom file over the OTS map, especially from COBB.

The OP is just sharing his graph and we have to just take it for what it is. He mentioned it is a daily driver and will never see a track anytime soon, if at all. He dosnt want to go crazy and only wanted a little more power over what he had.
Exactly. I don't care too much about how my car performed when stock or about adding enough power to reach an arbitrary number. I bought a 1M because the complete package appeals to me as it is and my mods were simply to address its compromises - as is the case with just about any 100% stock turbo car nowadays.

To me, the takeaway from my dyno chart is to get a general idea as to what the powerband for the 1M looks like for those looking at stage 1. As others have mentioned in this post, a stage 2 powerband (with downpipe) would probably look noticeably different and be an even better indicator of what the N54 can do.