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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
I'm up for a 128i chat thread!

Since everyone is talking about mods ill include mine xD.

I was planning on a lot of mods because I saved up a lot of money over the summer. However, I think I won't be able to get any now because its my final semester in college and I am taking 20 hours. I don't think I can do 20 hours and work part time while maintaining all A's x_x.

So, all the money I just saved up is going to be used for my monthly car payments : <.

Future mods I mostly want are a carbon front lip(for a non M package), and LCI blackline tailights.

Would really love a 135i rear bumper, but its too expensive me thinks.

Also, TINT. my car is killing me in this 100+ degree weather : <. I can't even sit in the car. I have to turn it on and step out for a few minutes until it cools
If you plan on keeping the car, consider the 135i rear an investment. Just think of the years ahead, looking back at that sexy ass from across the parking lot. I'm getting one as soon as I find a decent price lol.

I've been waiting to see any fitment reviews on non M Sport splitters but tossed that entirely when I saw the LTBMW 1M front bumper. I filed that under serious consideration.

Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
In my case specifically(in regards to the headers) they are the only ones that can turn down the post cat 02 sensors so that they both don't throw a code, but also don't show up as "not ready" for state inspection via the OBD2 port.

Beyond that, they always seem up to the challenge of whatever is presented to them, and I have greater overall faith in their ability to get more from the car. If nothing else, they have had the engine longer in the 125i and the 130i and a larger number of interested customers.
Hi there. Off topic but, seeing as this thread is alive, where'd you get your 330i intake? How is it as a direct bolt on? I've been considering that with an AA tune..

Interested in updates on this evolve tune as well.