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Obihan- Show me one piece of data that confirms your opinion that the 128 will out corner and out brake the 135.
You cant because there isnt any. Show me one iota of track times that demonstrate it. You cant, there arent any.
Saying readily available forms of competition(skid pad, slalom, track times) isnt usable data is ridiculous! What you're talking about is nothing more than personal opinion on what cars one like better. You like a 128 better than the 135, fine. But dont try to pull the wool over anybodies eyes that the 128 is a better performing car. It isnt, in any measureable test. Sorry.

The E46 and 128 may have similar numbers but on a track Im sure the M3 will smoke the 128 and also blow the 128 out of the water with all those intangibles you like so much.
You mention a drag race, yet in the next sentence talk about the M3's world class handling but that has absolutely nothing to do with the 128's handling ability. Also,
comparing a modern car to one 13 years old doesnt impress to much either. A lot changes in 13 years. Ancient history.
"All of the great drivers cars " again you talk about your opinion as if everyone agrees with you. There are many of us who love a V8 with its gobs of low end TQ. You can keep your S2000, many of us will choose a 7.0L LS7 that makes massive bottom TQ and is a higher winding
N/A monster that makes 2 1/2 times as much HP at 7000rpm than your 128. Thats my opinion that many share with me. By the way, the N52 makes barely 200rwhp at about 63000rpm. Thats really not high reving. Nor making good power at that rpm. Not impressive by todays standard at all. Pretty ho hum. The S2000 for example makes more hp than the 128 at 7800rpm. Thats high reving.
I keep trying to find track times for the 128 to compare data but they're damn near impossible to find. Strange, isnt it?
Enjoy your 128. Im glad you like it better than the 135. I have nothing against a mans opinion even if I disagree. To each his own.

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