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Originally Posted by HavidDasselhoff View Post

You alone make up half this thread. In a thread called no 128i love

d'Fuck you doing here man? Are you that easily offended over the internet. By all means, be your car's knight in shining armor but do it else were. This might just be a legitimate 128i thread and you're about to ruin it.

Obviously you've never driven a 128i, otherwise you wouldn't be saying half the things you are. I've driven both, and that ~120lbs off the front nose does make a difference.
Not offended, just read something stupid that I disagree with and commented on it. You dont like it, tough shit. I'll post where and when I want to.

Driven 128's a couple times while my 135 was in for routine warranty work and when having my PPK installed. That was 3 days alone with the car. The extra weight of the 135 wasnt felt by me at all. On the other hand, the lack of power in the 128 was certainly felt.