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Originally Posted by TheSt|G
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What features does Evolve have over AA for a complete tune?
In my case specifically(in regards to the headers) they are the only ones that can turn down the post cat 02 sensors so that they both don't throw a code, but also don't show up as "not ready" for state inspection via the OBD2 port.

Beyond that, they always seem up to the challenge of whatever is presented to them, and I have greater overall faith in their ability to get more from the car. If nothing else, they have had the engine longer in the 125i and the 130i and a larger number of interested customers.
Mmw headers come with an o2 sim to trick te ecu though :/

And how do you like stock throttle sensitivity?

Push it down 1cm and hold it.. The revs shouldn't drop!!! Nor should it take a full .25 seconds to respond