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Originally Posted by NYC6
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You should go read some moreabout the n52. Clearly you havent read a thing - originally the n52 was developed to be a sort of flagship - the internals ARE forged

Only the outer casing is magnesium , the inner is all alu.. Anyway, what makes you think that weakens the engine? You should google '2000 hp 4g63t' and see what theyr'e being made out of

The n52 is definitely capable of producing plenty of power, it's just more effort compared to the n54

I mean, in the uk theres at least 1 guy with a race prepped 130i, stock internals, just a custom ecu, new intake with itb's, new camshaft, and not even a full new exhaust, making 335hp.. That's not even going anything too crazy, not putting in the 3.2 stroker, no supercharger!

Im hoping more comes out in the next few years
I would love to read more about the info regarding forged internals and the N52 being a 'flagship' engine, have a link? Im pretty sure they're not but I might be wrong.

Just checked out the engine you listed. Are you talking about the iron blocked/aluminum head one? Thats all I could find. Big difference between magnesium and al and not sure of your point, if that is indeed the one you're thinking off. Please elaborate.
I'll have to find it when i get home (at work now ish)- the main (one of the) goals was light weight, theyr'e diamond shaped for less weight, and of course forged

And no, the reason they chose mg alu is because they have the same heat expansion characteristics so the block stays even

If you found the right one, from memory it has magnesium piston heads

Other facts: the camshafts are hollow hydroformed.

The n52 is the most technologically developed engine bmw's made, lightest (while still strong) materials, lightest everything, theres a reason it holds a record to do with that lol.. The only crazy electronic type tech on it though, is the valvetronic which appears to be fairly bulletproof lol

Ed: and on the orher topic, yes, if a 128i and 135i have the exact same suspension and brakes (and wheels ad tires) the 135i will be outperformed in all aspects other than acceleration.