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Originally Posted by NYC6
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I'll have to find it when i get home (at work now ish)- the main (one of the) goals was light weight, theyr'e diamond shaped for less weight, and of course forged

And no, the reason they chose mg alu is because they have the same heat expansion characteristics so the block stays even

If you found the right one, from memory it has magnesium piston heads

Other facts: the camshafts are hollow hydroformed.

The n52 is the most technologically developed engine bmw's made, lightest (while still strong) materials, lightest everything, theres a reason it holds a record to do with that lol.. The only crazy electronic type tech on it though, is the valvetronic which appears to be fairly bulletproof lol

Ed: and on the orher topic, yes, if a 128i and 135i have the exact same suspension and brakes (and wheels ad tires) the 135i will be outperformed in all aspects other than acceleration.
Whats diamond shaped?

The reason mg was used was to save weight. Not due to similar expansion. Mg is lighter than Al and relatively strong(not as strong as Al). The N52 engine is not suitable for high hp applications. Thats pretty much a known given. The engine was developed using BMW's "Green" program. If it were as strong as the N54/55 units it would have been used in the 135's, 335is and 1M. A M car would certainly sport a lighter weight engine if any. They use N54's because they're stronger. Its that simple.

You didnt address my question regarding the 4g plant. Im curious to know what you mean.

Whats a Mg piston head? You cant forge Mg.
Please before you make another post, hit up google. Oh wow.. You have absolutely no idea - yes they used mg cos its lighter, but they used it AND alu because alu is stronger for the stuff that needs more strength, where tey can't use any OTHER materials as when te block gets hot, both mg and alu have same thermal expansion properties, they work well together

Diamond shaped as in they taper into the middle

The big point here is all the internals (cylinder walls, everything) are made of aluminium.. The mg just WRAPS around it all

On the aubject of o2 sims, they don't wearout, theyre a metal tube

Not forged, billet cnc'd

You'll see whether or not the n52 can take decent power soon enough. There is absolutely NO solid proof of anyone trying and failing yet

And i can't find anything on it being a 100% green engine.. Yeah they have all their 'green' tech in it, but it was designed for total performance. Fuel efficieny via light weight and response, valvetronic is both for power and efficiency for example.

Highway it uses 7/100 sure, (litres) but cane it on the track and it's more like 35/100 lol