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I had a question about the fitment of these, I ordered a pair from Schmiedmann and they look fantastic on the vehicle, however I had never fitted taillights before and I'm concerned that they are sitting too low? I.e. too much gap between the metal of the socket and the top plastic of the light.

I cannot recall how the stock taillights sat, these sit with the bottom of the light fairly flush to the socket, and a small gap at the top.

My other concern is about the rubber seal on the top of the light, in mine it seems that there is a slight gap between the rubber and the plastic on the very top ridge of the light, which during heavy rain (I live in Florida) seemed to allow some droplets of water to collect on the inside of the light at the very top.. is it possible that I over-tightened the nuts and caused the rubber to pull away from the seal?

Just wanting to see if anyone else noticed them sitting odd after installation, I noticed a few people did the job with someone assisting, or propping the light up by sticking things under them while they tightened.
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