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Oh and nyc, what thread was that from?

More airflow lower to my mind would either lean out the afr unless the ecu can really really adapt, or increase fuel consumption a large amount - i could be wrong on both counts though lol

Its nothing like a camry engine lol, low power cast iron block etc.

Quoting an opinion still isnt proof that the engine can't handle high power, the top model of the n52 is more like 205kw n/a, and for a 3L 6 that's pretty close to top of the range.

There have alreay been sc n52's too, arma makes a kit, just the kit itself is shit, they still make well over 300hp and haven't grenades yet

The cylinder walls (from memory) are alusil anyway, for higher heat handling and strength
The rods (from google) are forged steel.

I'm personally watching mmw develop their sc kit (as dodgy as they generally seem) i hope if they do reach their 350whp goal you'll finally agree

If not, well you'll FINALLY have proof and there'll be no more to say on the matter

Another reason to not use the n52 over the n54 would probably be the cost, alu mg alusil, hydroforming.. The n52 package is MUCH more expensive to produce and sell than the n54, just imagine how much the 1m would cost if it used all the most advanced tech available? I'd guess way more then the m3 lol