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What's wrong with 1M's exhuast?

Dear 1M friends:

I’m experiencing a quite embarrassed thing. Please see the following pictures of my 1M.

1. Both inside exhaust pipes are blank new and white, while the outside pipes are normally black.

2. Left side exhaust.

3. Right side exhaust.

Note: I DO NOT made the difference in color on purpose. All the pipes show the different colors normally.

4. 1M's exhaust testing at about 2000 rpm.

5. Even at 2000rpm, the left inside exhaust pipe is only infalted a little bit. While the right inside pipe is still not inflated at all. That means both inside exhuast pipes are basically no air comimg out at all.

I did the testing as follows: I take 2 freshness-maintaining bags and put on the inside pipes, and then use the rubber bandings tightened around the inside pipes. No need to test the side ones as we can see that the exhaust air coming out normally and the color is both black.
After I start the engine, at the beginning both bag are not getting full of air. This picture is taken at the engine at about 2000 rpm, at that moment, the left inside bag start to have some air in it, but it is not quite full, and the right inside pipe basically no air coming out, because the bag is still not inflated.

How about your 1M exhaust? Why is like that? Could you also post some pics of your exhaust.

Thanks a lot!

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