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Originally Posted by JimD View Post
I looked up some 0-60 and 1/4 mile times for e36 M3 and 128i. For the e36, a 1995 was listed as 6.1/14.4 and 5.4/13.8. The only 128i coupe independent test I found was from Car and Driver of 5.8/14.5. That is very similar to the 1995 but not the other time, I think it was a 1998 or 1999. Those were 3.2l motors with more torque so it make sense that this plus the gearing would make the e36 a little faster.

I find this article interesting on the subject of handling modifications:

I do not plan to do all this anytime soon. My next step is to replace the stock runflats with non-run flat tires, probably Contis, maybe PS2s, with the fronts the same size as the stock rear tires. I might also remove the alignment pin and have an alignment to get a little (maybe half degree) negative camber.

That's a really fantastic article and speaks volumes when one of the foremost experts on suspension picks the 128i for his personal car.

On your second point, just get the PS2s. There is no contest between them and the Contis, and tires impact every single aspect of driving. Handling, turning, comfort, acceleration, stability, ambient noise, etc are all determined by tire choice. Only area to never cheap out on.
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