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Originally Posted by mikal7
Andrey, +1 on the custom intake manifold!

I have a turbo rx7, and I could've bought a 135i no problem either, but the 128i just felt right.

I did wish it was tuned differently so that it revved higher, but for daily driving it makes sense.

For me what it came down to was an 09 yaris four door (complete beater duty) or an rx8 r3 (what I actually wanted), and in the end the 128i CPO just made the most practical sense. Maybe I'm getting older...

Really if you get a proper clutch pack LSD (os giken makes one ) with a short ratio like a 4.10 (oem is 3.23 right?) it will transform the car.

Along with all the suspension mods/tires available so that time of 5.8 on runflats is impressive.
130i has 3.46, (100km/h is something like 2500rpm ish) both wavetrak and quaife make a 3.73:1 and that is SUPER short for our cars, would be pretty awesome. Just pricey lol

No need to get a clutch over helical, the only thing you'd notice is the clunking lol.