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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
Refrain from comments like this childish quip you do on a nearly daily basis.
"Well, when you car breaks less it's hard to have tons of threads complaining about the engine putting us into limp mode. "

You're the 'leader' in starting shit wars.
You do it regarding automatics v manuals, sport package v non sport, 128 v 135. You just have to always be the instigator.
Amidst all this I read the name as 'The Stig' so that is part of inSTIGator isn't it? That's the only thing useful I get out of these kinds of posts and exchanges where it's like "That's 30 seconds I'll never get back"

Getting back to the issue at hand, I find it less traumatic to admit that I am not as smart, rich, or probably as good looking (and certainly not as well-hung, obviously) as many of the 135 owners are, and quite honestly I'm good with that because I'll get out my guitar and play any one of you under the table in a heartbeat. That's where my bollocks lie; not here. If I'm gonna drop a couple large on something it's gonna have strings attached, not horses.

I am all for a 128i forum because I'm sick of hearing about all the crap I could do if I had a 135. JB this and PPK, Dinan and all that mean nothing to me. I have nothing against the 135; I have nothing against the Prius or the Sedona or my wife's Santa Fe. None of them is for me is all.

The ironic thing is that this board was a large part of the decision I made to get a 128 rather than a 3 series or 135.

I'm here to learn and share information about the car I drive, or wear (love the sport seats) to work every day. It may not be a 'real' BMW, as has been implied, but I don't even care about that. It says BMW on it, and this is where other folks that have them post, so this is where I am.

Before I became a BMW owner, many years ago (1983 320i MT) I wondered what it would do to me, and whether it would turn me into a pompous ass who hides behind an expensive car. I was pleased to find that I did not change at all because of the car I drove and dismissed it as a stereotype. Now, I have a 128i and find that the pompousness is right here, on this forum, and here I am right in the middle of it, likely viewed as pompous myself for the way I type this now.

So yes, 128/135 separate forums. Completely different cars, completely different priorities and maintenance needs. In many cases (but not all, there are some 135 owners who stand up for us 128 owners) I think completely different personalities as well.
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