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I'll post my tire logic in case anybody is interested. I am down to three choices and I need to make the decision effectively now. I will have them installed at a local independent place that I need to give a shot at matching tire racks price. If they can't, I'll have them shipped there and they will install.

I want the fronts the same size as the backs so I can rotate. Not for serious track duty but just for daily driving. My fronts have 5mm tread left but the back are worn out, 2mm left. I also want to reduce the understeer on the track. 225/45/17 will fit on my 7 inch wide front wheels according to tire rack so that is my plan for size, 4 tires all the same size but on 7 inch wide rims on front and 7.5 inch rims on back.

The tires I am considering are the Continental Extreme Contact DW and DWS and the Michelin Pilot Super Sport (not PS2 like I said earlier). Tire racks ratings are 8.6, 8.4, and 9.2. Tread wear are 340, 540, and 300. Cost is $516, $500, and $708 (for a set of 4 without shipping). I think any of these will be significantly better than my run flats. The high treadwear of the DWS is really tempting. I don't really need the all weather capability but once a year it might be handy (but I have a SUV). The Contis are obviously a bargain for a highly rated tire and the owners say good things about them. But the PSS is all around a better tire and beats the Contis in every way except on snow versus the DWS. I should probably just not cheap out (again) and get the PSS. (I don't consider the 128i a "cheap out", I got what I wanted.)

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