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A couple more orders came in this week. Will ship out this coming Monday as usual. Thanks for ordering!

Originally Posted by PHANTOM View Post
Thanks for the help. The clip at the end of my wire doesn't even come out of the hole entirely. Just in case what is the procedure if the wire does fall back into the dash? Obviously a tow to the dealership is not a viable option.
Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
I can see your concerns, but to me it was not an issue. My harness wasn't very long either, but with care you should be fine. If you are still worried, just stuff some bounty paper napkins in the hole once you pull out the harness and that way it'll block it from accidentally falling through (yet it will be soft enough that it won't crimp the wires). The success rate of install on this mod is 100%, so with proper diligence you should be fine.
A few of you guys have shorter wires. In reality you really don't have to unplug the button. I have been able to remove the trim without unplugging by using my fingers and starting at the 10'o clock position then working onto the 2 then 4 and finally 8'o clock, that is where the tabs that hold the trim in place are located. Good luck!