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Originally Posted by LeMansM5 View Post
Anyone know how many exact 1Ms went to each of Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Italy, etc. ?
According to some info, allocation to Belgium was increased around September 2011 from 41 or 45 (initial quotum) to 75 1M cars.

However, another source claims BMW Belux has quoted the figure of 214 1M cars (of which 80 had already been ordered, or even delivered, by September 2011), with the following breakdown (probably Belgium + Luxembourg, and maybe The Netherlands too [Benelux] ?):
  • AW: 78 (78/214 = 36.45%)
  • BSM: 63 (63/214 = 29.44%)
  • VO: 73 (73/214 = 34.11%)
So far I managed to identify 95 1M cars with different Belgian license plates (status per July 21, 2012) (nota bene: possible overlap due to sale, resale and/or license plate replacement). All three colors representing ± 1/3 (AW leading leading the 1M pack). For the list:
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