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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Nice. How far away is the official release you reckon?
Everything went really well this time around, with the hardest part being placement of the reservoirs. Ohlins wanted to keep the lines relatively shorter (obviously for performance), but the front passenger side and rear driver side reservoirs are in temp, zip tied locations with soft cushion mounts. one thing to note: i really want to find a shorter front anti-roll linkage (or adjustable even, if possible). this will allow for a bigger 10" spring and thus more drop in the front. right now the car sits at about 1/2" lower in the front and 1/4" lower in the rear...not much, but if I wanted to go lower...that linkage is holding me back.

timeframe on the setup (back to your question): once i'm able to ride on it for a little bit and report back to ohlins (that there are no major issues), i'm assuming that they will be able to start working out details on the kit. they were still a little hush on an "official" release date, even though i told them that would be a major question in the board. i will call them this morning with my initial thoughts: all good! from what i understand, spring rates are 2x normal setup, so it definitely makes for a more responsive feel. driving is extremely smooth and steering is incredibly responsive (it's a very tight setup, with very little roll and body movement). it was about 8:30 when we were finished, and i had a 2 hr drive ahead of me to get back to I don't have a ton of information for you yet. i was really getting tired and it was a long day.

there will also be more shake rig testing time in the next couple of weeks. because of the hour, we had to hold off (it would've taken another two or so hours to run through some simulated tracks, various road conditions, etc.). i'll keep you guys posted.