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For a "best oil" discussion you might want to google "bob the oil guy", at least I think that is the website. A subject that gets a lot of discussion is the degree to which an oil is synthetic. It seems that some oil labeled synthetic is more purified "dino" oil - came out of the ground. Staying consistent with bmw's recommendations seems wise. I have used BMW so far.

The guy who writes the maintenance info for the Roundel uses Red Line. I've used their transmission and rear end fluid but not oil. They have some interesting information on their website.

If I wanted to do repeated oil analyses to determine how long I can really run the oil I might try out some "better" oils. When this becomes my responsibility next year, I plan to just change it every 5000 miles like I do on my SUV. It is probably too often but I don't see what that will hurt (except my wallet). If I see a way to use an oil bmw is OK with and save money I might consider it but the oil change kits are awfully convenient.

Are your engines taking 7 quarts? I put 6 in my first oil change and found the level at the maximum. I did the same on my second and only other change so far.

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