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Originally Posted by beau@performanceshockinc View Post
Cool! Glad to hear it. We actually have made up adjustable links for our E92 kit, for that same reason. Looking forward to hearing feedback, I'm sure it will be a great set-up!
Beau, do you have adjustable links for the 1M? I'd like to get some various size ranges so that I can remain close to stock ride height most of the time, and perhaps go more aggressive for the track. Ohlins is recommending getting adjustable links, and change the spring to a 10" spring for greater range.

So far, the best that I have seen are from Turner:

Would like to hear your recommendations though.

Thanks for staying up with the thread. I should be getting a whole list of adjustability ranges, rates etc from Nick and Jeff very soon, but Jeff was out for most of yesterday.