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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
Yup, OEM. I see no reason to deviate.
better protection, more stable compound (so consistent protection for the life of the oil) *slightly* more power potentially as tested by many people over many oils, and better oil in general

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Best bet is to buy an oil change kit from one of the BMW dealer/venders on 1addicts.

Some more info here on which oil to use...

LL-01 or LL-04
most LL1 and LL4 oils are only OKAY... good for well.. Long Intervals (being Long Life lol), but not the most amazing in general.. you only have to use them if you plan on sticking to extended service intervals... i don't see a reason to go over 10-15,000km.. i mean, i never went over that on a mitsu lancer or a honda prelude, so why the hell would i on an expensive/powerful BMW??

and if you do some research on it anyway, just about all good base IV/V (fully synthetic) oils are good for 10-15k MILE service intervals no worries, some even claim safe to 40,000km if you want to push it (yeah nah haha), just they don't want to pay for the certification

Originally Posted by JimD View Post
For a "best oil" discussion you might want to google "bob the oil guy", at least I think that is the website. A subject that gets a lot of discussion is the degree to which an oil is synthetic. It seems that some oil labeled synthetic is more purified "dino" oil - came out of the ground. Staying consistent with bmw's recommendations seems wise. I have used BMW so far.

The guy who writes the maintenance info for the Roundel uses Red Line. I've used their transmission and rear end fluid but not oil. They have some interesting information on their website.

If I wanted to do repeated oil analyses to determine how long I can really run the oil I might try out some "better" oils. When this becomes my responsibility next year, I plan to just change it every 5000 miles like I do on my SUV. It is probably too often but I don't see what that will hurt (except my wallet). If I see a way to use an oil bmw is OK with and save money I might consider it but the oil change kits are awfully convenient.

Are your engines taking 7 quarts? I put 6 in my first oil change and found the level at the maximum. I did the same on my second and only other change so far.

yeah i've actually been reading that forum yesterday for quite a few hours, good info, found out what's considered the 'best' oils (seems usually amsoil and motul 300v, with redline coming up pretty high too) with castrol edge and mobil 1 being questionable

i mean, if you're doing 30,000 highway kilometers, sure, the oil's going to be pretty fine, i mean, you're still kinda an idiot for not just changing your oil, it's not expensive, and it keeps your motor running smoothly and prevents potential damage, but it's at a stable temperature and flowing smoothly, but even 15-20,000 city? the air filters will be full of scum, the oil will be dsgusting because it doesn't get to a nice stable temperature.. etc.

of course i'm certain BMW recommended oils will be fine for the car, but what's wrong with wanting something *better*/the best?
at current rates i'll be doing between 6000 and 10,000km every 6 months (realistically way less than 10,000), plus a couple of track days and runs at the strip, so make that 8000-12,000 'effective' kilometers to be safe, and i'm still easily able to run really whatever oil i want lol (except for straight race oils with no detergents...)

on the 'some synth are dino oil' yeah i heard that some castrol edge and mobil 1 are labelled as 'synthetic' but are actually more refined base III oils, which aren't true synthetics and shouldn't really be used if you care about your car