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Originally Posted by Qbrozen View Post
See... this is where I'm getting confused.

The 2 most recent postings have wider wheels with +45 offsets, but are running 255s. I just asked this in another thread, but maybe better here ... am I calculating this right to say that my 8" ET40 wheels are sticking out 61.6 mm from the hub? While someone with an 9.5 ET 45 would be sticking out 75.65mm? So my setup SHOULD fit better, no??
The calculation you wrote isn't what really determines if the tire will rub. The offset is much more important than the wheel width - unless you are using a really stretched tire. Generally its the shoulder of the tire that is most likely to rub depending on the tire width and wheel offset. The 235/40 on the rear should be fine though. Hopefully you won't have any more issues.