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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Go check out e90post, then come back to me about it, they all show plenty of gains with bigger piping, especially since stock is a bit under 2.5"

I mean, hondas (like my old prelude) are a 2.2L 200-220hp and they get large gains going up to a 2.5" or 2.75" lol

Most exhaust mods are only a 0.5" increase and that's enough for many performance cars to gain 10 or 20 hp

And i've got a 'before' dyno in about a week or two, and i'd say an after about two after that
I did take a look over there. Some talk about gains but like the 128 section, dyno printouts are as rare as hens teeth. Go figure.

If you can find huge gains with just adding a 3" pipe I'd be glad to look at it, besides someones way optomistic butt dyno.

Then I think we need to establish what does "immense" mean to you?

I look forward to see how you do with your up coming mod. What size are you going with?