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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
I did take a look over there. Some talk about gains but like the 128 section, dyno printouts are as rare as hens teeth. Go figure.

If you can find huge gains with just adding a 3" pipe I'd be glad to look at it, besides someones way optomistic butt dyno.

Then I think we need to establish what does "immense" mean to you?

I look forward to see how you do with your up coming mod. What size are you going with?
huh? go back and re-read the context of the post, he's running 3" pipes with a restriction on the end, it'd be the 5 or whatever over stock with what he's done, but if he modifies the rest so that the WHOLE THING is 3" all the way through, there will be further gains to be had lol.

immense on our engines, including headers, no cats primary or secondary, and at least 2.75" piping all the way through with a single res and muffler that are less restrictive than the stock items, or 3", i'd consider 20-25whp to be seen peak, as immense, considering the low down gains as well, i consider that immense overall for a single breathing mod.. and when the total cost is >$2k, it'id want to sound nice too lol... i'm also still waiting for dyno's of MMW headers, though as far as i'm aware, supersprint has shown a 10~hp gain over stock haven't they?

i'm talking to some local shops at the moment, the first one told me they couldn't do it (wankers), but i'm going to some more reputable/prestigious (yet decently priced ones) this week when they're open to have a chat, i've seen on their facebook pages they've done 135/335's and other bmw's, so i'm sure they'll be able to 'fit a muffler' in my space -_-

if i get it custom, it'd be twin 2" pipes into a 3" merge with a res and muffler, no secondary cats
if it turns out that everyone refuses, it'll be a laptorr which is twin 2" into a 2.75" and a fairly high flow res/muffler, not glass pack which is awesome, and no cats, plus it sounds freakin amazing lol - it's just $2.5k shipped, hence why i'd like to try get a shop to mimick it in 3" end piping..

the real gain, in my opinion, isn't the power, it's the throttle response... my first car was a 1997 mitsubishi lancer 1.8, i went to a 2" cat-back, stock cats, with aftermarket headers, and they way the revs instantly went to where you wanted them... well lets say it makes the response in my 130i almost disappointing. - it makes heel-toeing an absolute dream.