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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
You realize SuperSprint makes everything from headers on back for the 130i right?
yes, if you want to spend $7k on an exhaust setup, that's fine
i've never heard a full ss system, but their headers on setups i've heard on E90post don't sound as good as videos of MMW's so far too

basically, i'll be happy with my $2-$3k setup that performs just as well (in theory) as supersprints $7k one lol

even SS headers are like $2.5k or something from memory? yeah 1500 GBP for headers PLUS shipping

i suppose it's a little cheaper for the setup i want (catless blah blah) but still FAR more pricey than anything local.. and i don't believe it sounds good

and their 'racing' muffler is an ugly oval tip, i wanna keep oem offset twin tips for aesthetic reasons./ though the quad tip is suuuper nice looking.

also, you'd still have to get custom cat replacement pipes, they don't offer a straight up catless system.

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