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I am enjoying the car. I am so glad I cancelled my order on a 2013 Mustang GT and ordered the 135. The 135 is great except for the price to have it serviced here in Germany because unlike the states you have to pay for it here until I get back state side. Of course I'll wish I was back here once I get to the states because of the speed limits and I'll end up paying the man for speeding tickets instead of BMW for the service here. The 135 is a rocket and I really can't bitch about anything about it because its my first 135i I also bought a 2012 335i Sport line and it hauls ass as well. BMW has done a great job with these cars. The sad thing is the 335 gets better fuel mileage than the 135 does. I average 23 MPG and get 32 MPG in the 335. You would think it would be the other way around. But, who cares the N55's are awesome engines and can be tuned to get adequate horse power to get the job done.