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Originally Posted by TheSt|G
I really don't think you would want the race setup either way, the volume on those is generally pretty absurd. Without cats for muffling, you would easily get pulled over for it if your country has any sort of noise ordinance at all. Price is high, but the quality is perfect and they actually do the R&D.

They offer full catless:

Catless headers:

Catless front mid pipes:

Or race cat front mid pipes:
I've heard catless with muffler and res before, isn't tooo bad

But really, te only thing you really need to rnd is headers (and a bit in the muffler too lol) - for the price, a custom shop could do me a bloody titanium cat back and i'd still have spare change lol. Any exhaust shop can do you a cat back with the same gains as the ss stuff

Ed: if you read.. Those front pipes aren't catless themselves, they bolt up to the sock cats, so you'd still have to install blank cat spacers.