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Hahahaha, funny experiences.

I must admit, up until a week ago I never hear of a 1 series. It wasn't until I stumbled across what appeared to be a pretty good deal on one and started investigating it. I've always like BMWs and thought it was a good looking car but knew by the model numbers it was worth a look given I knew what the "35" and the "1" mean't. Since I was trying to talking my wife out of another Mini...perfect!

So my wife..."isn't that even lower than the 3"
me..."no honey, the 1 means it's smaller, the 35 means it's got power"
wife..."'s that work?"
me.."smaller=weighs less, twin turbos=faster, put the two together..."
wife.."faster than the G?" (we have a G37s)
me.."let's go see"

Long story now sits in the garage and my wife drove it a couple days ago.

Wife..."that's got a lot of power, are you going to chip it?" (I had talked about the JB4)
me.."don't know yet"
wife.."this is your car right?" (refering to the 135)
me..."yes, that was the agreement and I can do what I want to it" (she always wants chrome wheels and crap so I wanted to clarify)
wife.."are you going to keep it"
wife..."can you put a chip in my G?"