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Originally Posted by 1&done View Post
The shock tube is typically wider with coilovers but the linear spring is more narrow. You can see that if you adjust them to a lower setting the tire has a chance to rub on the spring perch

Noted. I actually got a response from Harold at HPA today citing that with 7" springs, the spring perch remains above the tire and you will have less rubbing issues, but with an 8" spring, you're near guaranteed to have the spring and/or spring perch inline with the tire.

The apex wheels (+45) left me about 2-3mm to the strut tube on Koni's so with coilovers, you'd have to add a spacer.

Spacer = (spring outer diameter - strut tube outer diameter)/2.

I'm considering Ohlin's right now and will try to get actual numbers soon unless anyone has direct experience with the setup (they use 8" springs).