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Originally Posted by haitham87 View Post
Ok so heres my story:

Driving around in the middle o the night when i come to a police roadblock( regular) where i live ( lebanon ).. So the police man says please park pn the side for inspection.. So i park on the side, ad after a few seconds i see another police man coming towards me eyeballing my car.. He had a frown on his face!

Police man: please get out of the car

Me: ok

Police man: License and registration
Policeman: open the hood please.

Me: is there somthing wrong?? Did my car commit a crime??

Policeman: MAN!!! I have an e36 m3!! And i draged with one of these cars on the highway! IT Smoked tr fuck out of me! What the hell is it?

Me: well, its a 135i

Policeman: so its a 3 series turbo?

Me: no, its a 135i , 1 series, twin turbo..

Policeman: how many hp's?
Me: 480bhp

Policeman: no way noo wayy! ( i thought he was goin to load his weapon and shoot me)

Me: yeah got an ecu tune

Policeman: ec what?

Me: computer tune lol

Policeman: that is one hell of a powerful car...

So after a short while, te policeman understands what the hell iam talkn abt and tells me to go and do an agressive launch before i leave... I build up revs( about 5 policeman at the roadblock) dip the clutch and leave a nice trail behind me all where like YEAHH babyYY!!!
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