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Originally Posted by bmw1racer View Post
An AC Cobra 427, metallic blue (a la The Gumball Rally) would easily make the next five on my list.
Ill take a Le Mans winning 64' Daytona Coupe thank you very much - actually I might dump the Chevy powered Chaparral for the Daytona Coupe and end my GM heresy.

Ok new 5

1.) McLaren F1 LM - not the longtail just an orange LM

2) Porsche Carrera GT - im a sucker for V10s - cant decide on silver or red though. Might need one of each color and make one a Gemballa.

3) E30 M3 Evo - Red

4) 64' Shelby Daytona Coupe - bringin in the Ford and in blue thanks

5) 72' Jensen Interceptor III - Chrysler 440 powered - yellow with a black roof Just like dad had