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Originally Posted by SNOOPY11 View Post
interested to hear more about the avant.
Mmm. Awesome car.
You may know that the RS4 and the Audi R8 share the same motor, 4.2L V8. You may also know that the V10 version of the R8 shares the same motor as the Gallardo...

Due to all this sharing, the V10 and V8 were designed to be fairly interchangeable within the chassis, and this means the humble A4 (or S4 in his case, not an avant) will accept the motor from a Gallardo as if the factory designed it that way. You still need an all new exhaust and getting the electronics to play nice is a trick, but for shocking the Ferrari in the next lane it's pretty hard to beat one of those dropped into a 4wd avant.

Originally Posted by scaramanga View Post
out of curiosity, do you have any more pics online ?
One or two. Sorry for the thread jack, but...


You can find more here, or google for "Porsche PVX"
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