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Originally Posted by HPFREAK View Post
Yes they are over processes lookign and way to sharpened in some of them. It just takes some practice is all to find the line. Also Instagram is one of the worst phot hosting sites you can use. It degrades the quality of the pictures a lot. So does Flickr to some degree and for sure Photobucket. If you want to have the highest quality possible in your uploads use smugmug. It is a fantastic site to use.
Instagram...not so much for image hosting...but for sharing images via smartphone. No need for mega resolution on a 3.5 inch smartphone screen.

People gonna hate. They just dont realize what the actual purpose of Instagram is. Not to make people think they are pro photographers or anything. But as someone else said just grabbing those moments where you see something neat but dont have a 1200 dollar DSLR kit on you.